Who do you think the cops are, Spaniards with an eleborate system of racial classification that would let them know where on the scale of color Hispanics fall? Anything a shade darker than Mitt Romney gets 10 warning shots in the chest. » 2/10/13 2:49am 2/10/13 2:49am

Yes. ALL Traitors MUST DIE and we know they are traitors tautologically. Just like we know Iraq had WMDs and Afghans fighting the Soviets were "freedom fighters just like the Founding Fathers." I am always amazed at how many assholes there are in Washington DC of all stripes and how, despite their glaring moral… » 2/05/13 2:54am 2/05/13 2:54am

Why not come out and call him an anti-semite, after all, anyone who questions the slavish obedience of the United States to Israeli's foreign policy must hate Jews. » 1/31/13 7:34pm 1/31/13 7:34pm

Yes, this was epic especially since it came so early in the game. But once you figured out how to exploit assassin traps he was much less so. Plus if you wanted to use his sword you always had to carry that no fun paladin around with you instead of Viconia. » 1/21/13 9:50pm 1/21/13 9:50pm

Poor Leonard. He went from living in Berkeley where peddling his post modernist its-always-the-white-guys-fault stuff got you laid to getting stuck in Idaho. Who wouldnt start lobbying incendiary articles like this to get the fuck out and back to civilization. But he's all alone out there, just like in high school.… » 1/12/13 5:37pm 1/12/13 5:37pm

I think we all apreciate that spoiled rich Arabs recycle their oil surplus with the West by consuming Western goods. Thanks for adopting the Donald Trump way of life and embracing it so fully and thoroughly. Without you thousands of architects, lawyers, bankers and other intelligent Westerners would probably enjoy a… » 1/05/13 8:47pm 1/05/13 8:47pm

Ya. The German guy just signed up to serve for the greater glory of the German race and avenge the defeat in WW1. Total humanitarian. » 12/31/12 8:10pm 12/31/12 8:10pm

autistic tech nerds are bad at talking in human? what is next, the GOP believes anything left of the 19th century is Communist-Islamic-Fascism designed to weaken the white race? » 12/18/12 7:31pm 12/18/12 7:31pm

Why not have more cops. I would rather have more police officers standing around on the beat than more prison wardens. Usually the presence of cops does a much better job of suppressing criminality than the use of extensive prisons and crippling prison sentences. » 12/15/12 7:53pm 12/15/12 7:53pm

black woman from ivy league —> automatic ticket. White people love to have a few of them around to prove they arent racist when they keep the rest down in an perpetual underclass. Even the Republicans have a few. » 12/13/12 9:02pm 12/13/12 9:02pm

Why would the US get involved? Egypt and Israel fought 4 wars against each other and the only times the US were involved when the Israelis murdered a bunch of American sailors. » 11/14/12 5:41pm 11/14/12 5:41pm

well he isnt. He is already working out a 'grand bargain' that ends up looking like something George W proposed and will only look 'centrist' now because the right has moved another mile further away. Thats just how Tim Geithner has programmed Obama to act on the economy. » 11/14/12 5:21pm 11/14/12 5:21pm

like with everything in life, what mattered for any potential princessness was what college you went to. If you wanted to marry a Red Prince from one of the Chinese oligarch families it seems like Harvard was the way to go. If you wanted to marry a Russian oligarchs son or some second rate oil Arab, its the LSE. If… » 11/12/12 9:14pm 11/12/12 9:14pm